Diane Hamburg - Contemporary Fiber Mixed Media Art
Surface design, machine quilting and embroidery, hand stitching, collage

For more informal venue, please check my blog http://dianehamburgart.blogspot.com.

Fabric as the foundation for my art. Almost any kind of fabric.  Although I use commercially printed fabrics to create art, my passion is creating my own fabrics.  My work evolves from an ever-increasing variety of surface design techniques, which include: dyeing, painting, monoprinting, screening, stenciling, stamping, and printing, to create unique pieces of cloth. I may use this enhanced fabric as a whole, sometimes in combination with commercial fabrics or my own fabrics, which may be cut up, pieced, appliquéd, and/or fused together to create figurative or abstract art or a melding of the two. I usually work on several pieces concurrently, switching back and forth between pieces. Further design and texture addition is accomplished by the use of the sewing machine to attach the layers of fabric together, creating more lines and texture. This evolving process signatures my art and creates work that invites viewers to approach for a closer involvement.